Capability Profile

RFM Network Services Nigeria Limited capabilities are focus in two main areas of telecommunications business are as follows:-

  • Supply, Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Telecommunications Network infrastructures
  •  Radwin Broadband Radios –(WinLink 1000 & Winlink 1000 Access)

RFM Network Services is an authorized partener of Radwin Broadband radios in Nigeria . RFM Network Services Limited has installed over twenty three broadband radio hops using Winlink 1000 families of Radwin.

  • The Radwin range of products is a carrier class point-to-point and multipoint-to-point broadband wireless transmission system.It combines legacy TDM and Ethernet services over 2.4Ghz, 4.9Ghz and 5.x(Ghz) license exempt bands.
  • It provides up to 48Mb/s wireless link and supports ranges of up to 80km with an external antennas.
  • In addition to the above features, Winlink 1000 has a LAN interface that provide 10/100BaseT interface, TDMA interface that accepts E1 or T1 traffic. It has an advance encryption system, management, diagnostics and performance monitoring system, automatic channel select, transmit power control (ATPC), alarm connector and an optional external antenna amongst others.
  • It is easy to deploy.

WaveRider/Speedlink (Vacima, formally called Wavewireless)

RFM network Services Limited has supplied and installed several Point to Point and Point to Multipoint WaveRider/Speelink products all over Nigeria.

The Speedlink can be configured as either as a bridge or router, with OFDM technology.

  • Speedlink 5800 series is an ideal solution for short and long distance  point to point and point to multipoint applications.
  • It delivers data rates from 6Mbps to 108Mbps.
  • Its Power Over Ethernet (POE) for simplied cable routing.
  • It maintains optimal point to point links up 48km and Point to Multipoints links upto 13km with 400mWatts of RF power.
  • Speedlink 5800 series has inbuild spectrum analyzer for checking interferences.

PDH Microwave radio systems from Proxim (formally Western Multiplex)

RFM Network Services Limited has supplied, installed and maintained a couple Lynx microwave radio systems in Nigeria.

  • The Lynx Spread Spectrum radios provide a new level of control and convenience in a digital communications network.
  • The Lynx are in the capacity ranges of 1 x E1, 2x E1, 4 xE1 and 8 x E1.
  • The Lynx  are easy to install and operate with no user license in a frequency ranges of 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz (ISM band), with a full transparent E1 signals over any line of sight distance “typically up to 50 miles”.

Fast Ethernet Bridges Microwave radio systems from Proxim (formally Western Multiplex)

RFM Network Services Limited also supply and install the Tsunami point to point wireless ethernet bridges product family.

The product ranges includes;

  • Tsunami 10 wireless Ethernet bridges
  • Tsunami 45 wireless Fast Ethernet bridges
  • Tsunami 100 wireless Fast Ethernet bridges
  • Tsunami 480 wireless  Fast Ethernet bridges



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